Friday, January 16, 2009

Things that I'm Going to Miss II

The list still goes on....on the things i'm going to miss....

8. My manager KH...she's really a great leader as she nurtured and guided me all the way from the day i enter and even till the day she knew i'll be switching to another company, she still taught me the correct way of running a report...I owe her so much for her patience and the willingness to share....She's a great manager and I'm glad that I once worked under her....Thanks...U r the best!

9. The hustle bustle of starcom office...everyone is so busy when they've things to rush...n my GM's hearty laugh...i'll always smile when i hear her jolly laugh cos it soothes me when i'm in stress...haha....the best laughter award goes to her for sure....^0^

10. The long long journey to walk from my space to the pantry...everytime when angeline will ajak us to 'parade' with her to the pantry coz it's kinda awkward to walk the walkway passing by everyone seating there and to reach the pantry at last....phew...wat a long walk...hehe

------TO BE CONTINUE-------


dut said...

hahaha. lei sei lah later pi yee saw yr post then u know. lolz

dut said...

zadao, and use my pic plus add caption wthout my permission tim. i wan sue u for copyright jor. man man wait my lawyer letter.